USAFA Cadets Argue for Obama Re-Election

In an era of increased sensitivity toward the US military and politics (from Facebook to reprimand to discharge), it was unusual to read a report in which US Air Force Academy cadets participated in a debate on the presidential candidates, calling for the re-election of their Commander-in-Chief:

The event, held Oct. 29, in the heat of the run-up to the presidential election, featured Colorado College sophomores Jacob Kirksey and Nick Blanchette arguing for the election of Gov. Mitt Romney. Air Force Academy cadets Andrew Gallion and Brian Kruchkow argued for the re-election of President Obama, who is their commander-in-chief.

Granted, it was an academic exercise.  (Indeed, those who have learned debate also realize at some point you are required to advocate even the viewpoint with which you disagree.)

As this was a combination of both “good” and negative training, one wonders if part of this academic exercise included the admonition to the cadets that they’re never allowed to really do what they sort of did here.

One comment

  • I get weary just thinking about the complications involved in protecting the freedoms of our troops while also promoting cohesiveness and discipline. I agree with some of your concerns, but obviously not all of them. Maybe you’ve already done this, but if you haven’t, I’ll suggest it. Could you do an article sometime clearly describing how the military should strike that balance? What exactly is the standard you think they should use to determine whether religious practices should be permitted, promoted, and protected? Would that standard change in countries where Christians are religiously persecuted? Would that standard protect religions like Islam and Scientology as aggressively as Christianity? Should freethinkers be protected, or are they just inconsequential because they’re just troublemakers who can’t be bothered to believe anything?

    I honestly don’t mean these as “gotcha” or rhetorical questions. (OK, maybe the last one.) You’re not happy with the standards as they’re applied, and neither is MRFF, so I’m wondering if there’s an ideal that you shoot for, or if this really is an issue that has to get slogged through in details like whether Bibles make the checklist for military accomodations.