Michael Weinstein Backs Down on Years of JAG Service

Michael Weinstein, frequent critic of religious freedom in the US military, has often tried to lend weight to his vitriolic attacks by saying he served “10 years as an Air Force JAG.”  (In fact, his website still carries the assertion.)  As has been noted here before, given the dates he entered and left the Air Force, that claim takes a bit of creative math.  Weinstein finally felt the heat and recently began qualifying his previously standard mantra [emphasis added]:

“I was a JAG in the Air Force a total of 10 years, including law school and law clerking.”

Interesting choice of words, since the Air Force says the ability to “serve” as a JAG is “contingent upon graduation” from law school.  For the record, Weinstein got his law degree in 1981, four years after he graduated USAFA.  How’s that math work again?

Weinstein was previously forced to make changes after this site pointed out his apparent copyright violations and rights holders started contacting him.  It seems some are beginning to question the forthrightness of his claimed credentials, as well.  Besides his evident plagiarism, it seems even Weinstein is now admitting he plays loose with the facts (as does his research assistant, Chris Rodda), even when it is something as simple and benign as what he did in the Air Force and for how long.

It was a nice effort at the truth, but it fell short — and it still leaves out the minor detail of how long he actually served as a JAG.

You might want to try again, Weinstein.