Guard Wounded in Terrorist Attack, Soldiers in Workplace Violence

Floyd Corkins is the man who allegedly tried to enter the Family Research Council’s building in Washington, DC, with 15 Chick-FIL-A sandwiches, a gun, and 50 rounds of ammunition.  He wounded a guard before he was wrestled to the ground.  He claimed he didn’t like the FRC’s politics.

He has been charged with domestic terrorism.

Corkins, of Herndon, Virginia, pleaded not guilty in a brief hearing before U.S. District Judge Richard Roberts. The charges include committing an act of terrorism while armed, attempted murder while armed, aggravated assault while armed, and weapons charges.

Fortunately, Leo Johnson recovered. 

Meanwhile, more than 40 US Soldiers and civilians wounded and killed by an ideologically-motivated gunman have been told they are victims not of terrorism, but of “workplace violence.”

To be fair, the FRC shooter charges are specific to the District of Columbia; they’re not federal charges that could have been applied to Hasan in Texas.

It remains incredible there could even be a question as to how to characterize the Fort Hood massacre.

Via the ADF.