Seabees Help Chaplain Support Religious Freedom

Chaplain (LtCmdr) Neal Kreisler traveled with some unique kit to support the spiritual fitness of the troops he served, but not all the pieces made the transit.  So he got a little help.  Kreisler

brought a kosher Sukkah, or a small dwelling used outside the home during the holiday, that those practicing Judaism believe represents the Clouds of Glory by which the Israelites were protected after their exodus from Egypt…

While in transit, a piece of the Sukkah was lost and Rabbi Kreisler enlisted the help of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 133 to build the missing components.

One of the Seabees strongly approved:

Petty Officer Third Class Aaron Hutnick [said]It means a lot that they would send a Rabbi all the way out here to celebrate the holiday, and to have the Seabees be a part of that is pretty powerful.”

Islamic extremists (and even some American critics of religious freedom) would likely be a bit put off by the thought of celebrations of the Jewish faith occurring on Afghan soil, courtesy of the US Navy, no less.

But the US and its military value freedom.  That and they generally kill their extremist enemies, rather than worry about offending them.