Chaplain Promotes Comprehensive Fitness in Afghanistan

US Army Chaplain (Capt) Randy Loux is a Fort Bragg-based Soldier currently deployed to Afghanistan to exercise his specialty in “spiritual strength.”

“Whether back in garrison at Fort Bragg, N.C., or in a combat zone in Afghanistan, spiritual fitness should be the no. 1 priority because when a soldier is first and foremost ‘spiritually fit,’ then all the others will naturally fall in place,” said Loux.

He accurately notes something that escapes some who oppose religious freedom in the military:  Spiritual fitness is the commander’s responsibility:

“[Commanders] are responsible for making sure their soldiers have the opportunity to stay spiritually fit,” says Loux. “We are obligated to provide for those religious services or practices that we ourselves, due to our affiliation with our endorsing church body, cannot personally perform.”

The RST exists to provide religious support and perform various religious services for the soldiers in their unit to ensure the free exercise of religion.

The article notes the experiences of several soldiers who rely on and benefit from the Religious Support Team.  And that’s why they serve.

What a blessing. We get to serve God and our country. It is a privilege that very few Americans get to do.