Ranger Memorial Cross May Be Next Atheist Target

Jason Torpy, the former Army soldier and atheist vicariously offended when he saw the Camp Pendleton cross on the internet, may have another target.

As noted previously, crosses are used frequently in US military memorials around the world.  Torpy has already demanded that the Argonne Cross be removed from Arlington National Cemetery, and that the US Marine Corps remove locally raised crosses on Camp Pendleton — something he only knew about because he read a local (positive) news article.

Now, another memorial may face the same atheist anger.  Four US Army Ranger trainees lost their lives in a training incident nearly 20 years ago, and their fellow soldiers remember them:

On Feb. 16, 1995, four young men training to become a part of the elite military force died of hypothermia after a river rose rapidly and flooded a swamp they were training in during a mission.

A modest wooden cross marks the spot…

Photo credit: DEVON RAVINE \ Daily News

Rangers make an annual trek to the location:   

“We come here every year, because this is something we don’t ever want to happen again,” said Lt. Col. Michael Acord, commander of the 6th Ranger Training Battalion at Camp James Rudder. “As you get farther away from the accident your memory starts to fade. You’ve got to do things like this periodically to remember.”

This time, they brought plaques to replace the worn names of the victims:

The printed names of the victims had faded with time, but the solemnity of the events was fresh in instructors’ minds as Chaplain (Capt.) Kevin Murcher led them in prayer.

US troops die in training.  They die in battle.  Their comrades, peers, families, and friends memorialize and honor them as best they know how.

It’s a shame a few atheists want to stop that.

As repeated at the Military Times.