Airman’s Bible Controversy Continues

One of these Bibles has been declared a “national security threat.”  Can you guess which one?

The controversy over Michael Weinstein’s assertion that a Bible was a “national security threat” doesn’t seem to have abated even with their dwindling supply.  From the Air Force Times:

Air Force Sergeants Association CEO John “Doc” McCauslin said the Defense Department allows each service’s insignia to be emblazoned on everything from trailer hitches to water bottles, and he questions what he sees as a restriction specifically for the Bible and, by extension, Christians…


Capt. Mark Hunsinger, chaplain with the 11th Wing at Joint Base Andrews, Md., urged congregants in an email to make their voices heard “concerning the religious liberty issues … removal of bibles from military treatment facilities and discontinuing selling bibles in the [base exchange] with DoD insignia on it” by contacting members of Congress.

Congress already weighed in as well.  The topic of the Holman Bible has been discussed at length.  It resulted in an interesting look at yet another example of the MRFF — as voiced by Michael Weinstein and Chris Rodda — targeting the specific religious beliefs of military members.  So much for “religious freedom.”