Former Chief of Staff on the Need for a Moral Compass

Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General (Retired) Peter Pace recently spoke at Principia College on a variety of topics, including global security and the need for individuals to stand by their moral compass:

[Pace] warned that everyone should set their own moral compass and stick to it, whether on the battlefield, in a business situation or in their personal lives.

“Your integrity is sacrosanct,” Pace said. “It’s who you are. Never let anyone step on your integrity – that’s where you absolutely must stand solid.”

Compromise without foregoing morality, however, is essential, Pace said.

General Pace expressed his belief that homosexuality is immoral and supported the law at the time which banned homosexuals from serving. He was panned for his remarks, and it is widely believed that was why he served only one two year term as Chairman, as Secretary of Defense Robert Gates declined to nominate him for the traditional second term.