Kunsan Air Base Chaplains Defend Military Marriages

The Air Force assignments in Korea are generally one-year remotes, meaning Airmen are stationed in Korea for a year while their family waits back home.  That doesn’t mean the Air Force stops supporting their families and helping them strengthen their marriages.  In fact, the opposite is true:

A Marriage Care Retreat hosted by the Kunsan AB Chapel from Aug. 8-10 here gave them and 20 other couples the chance to work on their relationships.

The Kunsan Chapel intended the Marriage Care Retreat to be a means for those “physically separated from their spouses to still connect with them,” though it also gave some couples who were on the peninsula the opportunity to work together in person.

While a few of the Kunsan AB Airmen were able to have their spouses attend, many more had their loved ones listen and watch via Skype. Some of the sessions were joint exercises where the spouses could follow along and participate.

Sessions were held by the Chaplains, a Military Family Life Consultant, and a representative from the Airman and Family Readiness Center, with material

covering everything from “The 5 Love Languages” to personality types.

As noted in this article and others, the military understands the need for a firm foundation in their troops’ home lives.  Not only does a strong family relationship directly contribute to professional military success, “broken relationships” have also been cited as a contributing factor to the current military suicide epidemic.  Chaplains aren’t the only resource, as the article notes:

Programs hosted by the Chaplain Corps are just one avenue the military provides to help couples deal with the high-paced military lifestyle. MFLCs provide free, anonymous counseling, and militaryonesource.mil provides more counseling options and many other resources.

Other articles have detailed the many available resources military members and their families can call on for help in keeping their family bonds strong, including through the chapel community.