Muslim Soldier Sentenced to Life in Prison

US Army PFC Naser Abdo has been sentenced to more than two life terms (with no possibility of parole) by a federal court for his plan to kill fellow Soldiers in the cause of “jihad.”  Abdo “remained defiant” even during his sentencing:

“I will continue until the day the dead are called to account for their deeds,” Abdo said in a low, gravelly voice through the cloth mask.

He was reportedly wearing the mask because he had been spitting blood on federal agents — blood he incorrectly believed, for some reason, to be infected with HIV.

In court, Abdo referred to Maj. Nidal Hasan — the Army psychiatrist soon to be tried in a deadly shooting rampage at that Army post — as “my brother.” He said he lived in Hasan’s shadow despite “efforts to outdo him…”

In a police interview, Abdo said he wanted to carry out the attack because he didn’t “appreciate what (his) unit did in Afghanistan.”

No reports have yet publicized how the US Army is going to handle his likely discharge.

Michael Weinstein, who frequently criticizes Christians in the military for mixing their religious beliefs with their military service, has said almost nothing about Abdo — with whom he personally spoke — since Weinstein’s 2011 quote that he “never felt good about him.”

Abdo is one of 12 attempted or successful attacks on the US military by those apparently motivated by their Islamic faith, four of whom were actually members of the US military: