Governmental Religious Segregation, 1930, or 2012?

Todd Starnes of Fox News raises an interesting comparison:

In the 1930s, the Germans tried to shut down Jewish-owned businesses. In 2012, Democrats are trying to shut down Christian-owned businesses.

Too much?  His argument is fairly robust.

There may be some room for comparison.  It gradually became “socially acceptable” in Nazi Germany to progressively discriminate specifically against Jews.  As many recent events have shown, Christianity is becoming the one religion that its “politically correct” to condemn in America today.

It may be a great irony that a 21st century self-described “Jewish agnostic who prays” — Michael Weinstein — has emerged as a leading voice advocating discrimination against Christians in the US military (he even appropriates Holocaust imagery to support that vendetta).  Weinstein has established himself and his self-founded “charity” as a walking self-contradiction — claiming they defend religious freedom while simultaneously criticizing Christian church services, Christian free exercise, and, well, Christians who have the gall to say they’re Christian — all the while downplaying or ignoring those of other religions.

As many have now commented (including those traditionally on the “left”), it is highly inappropriate for members of the US government to call for discrimination based on a person speaking their religious beliefs.  It is, unfortunately, a sign of the condition of the culture that feels Christian beliefs — and Christians — are worthy of derision, while the opposite views are not only allowed, they’re promoted.

In that respect, Weinstein simply joins leaders in Boston and Chicago as the latest to say that the US Constitution protects citizens from government interference with their freedoms — unless those citizens are Christians.

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