Camp Pendleton Cross Prompts Wider Review

The demand by Jason Torpy, speaking for the one-man Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers, that the US Marine Corps remove its “Christian privilege” (the crosses on Camp Pendleton‘s ridge on Camp Horno) has spurred a “wider review” of similar memorials around the world:

Capt. Greg Wolf at the Pentagon headquarters of the Marine Corps said Thursday that an “operational planning team” is conducting the review to help develop a policy on how such memorials should be treated.

“They are looking at memorials across all the bases,” Wolf said, in response to a question from the North County Times about why there has been no decision on the Pendleton complaint, which was lodged six months ago.

That may actually bode well for the memorial.  As noted previously, crosses traditionally adorn US military memorials around the world — including, for example, the US Marine Corps memorial erected after the battle for Tarawa.

In the meantime, Torpy has made only the small demands that he be consulted by the Marines and that the crosses be torn down while the decision is being made.

He seems to have an inflated view of his own importance.