Local Paper Chides USAFA for Stealing

It doesn’t seem Pam Zubeck has ever really been a fan of the US Air Force Academy.  As noted previously, she featured prominently in Michael Weinstein’s book from her days when she was a reporter at the Colorado Springs Gazette, and she was practically his public relations outlet there. 

She’s now at the local “independent” paper, where she continues to act as a PR tool for Weinstein and take shots at USAFA.  Recently, she noted USAFA had used Associated Press articles in its base paper — which it can’t do — after it copied them from the USAFA athletic website, which can have those articles: 

The Air Force Academy recently got its wrist slapped for using Associated Press wire copy without permission in its base newspaper, the Academy Spirit.

(Isn’t that stealing?)…

[USAFA Public Affairs director LtCol John Bryan] accused the Independent of “digging in our garbage cans for batteries that weren’t properly disposed of,” adding, “C’mon. Really?”
No word on whether any punishment was meted out by the academy’s leadership over the issue.

In an interesting coincidence, Pam Zubeck’s ally Michael Weinstein had his own issue with using other people’s work without their permission.  It seems Weinstein got enough angry phone calls from wronged media outlets he had to add disclaimers to his messages and stop copying other peoples’ copyrighted works (you think?).  Somehow its unlikely Zubeck will be accusing Weinstein of “stealing” any time soon.