Samaritan’s Purse to Support Military Marriages

As noted many times here before, the integrity of marriage is something the US military and some outside organizations attempt to strengthen.  Franklin Graham’s Samaritan Purse is starting Operation Heal Our Patriots to join the fight to defend military marriages, focusing specifically on the marriages of those who return wounded from combat.

The marriage enrichment program, featuring weeklong retreats to a remote, refurbished fishing camp in Alaska, begins next month with its first set of ten couples, each having a spouse with battle injuries – either visible or invisible.

The program is largely the work of retired Marine BrigGen Jim Walker, and the local leader will be retired US Navy Chaplain (CAPT) James Fischer.  The retreat isn’t just for Christians:

Operation Heal Our Patriots is open to current and former military service members of any or no faith, say organizers. Wounded and injured veterans and active military personnel are selected through a military and private network referral process.