US Muslim Soldier on Perceptions

While many articles about members of the US military make reference to their faith, there aren’t too many written by the DoD for the sole purpose of highlighting their faith.  By contrast, Army Staff Sgt Muna Nur was recently the focus of just such an article, noting her efforts in the US military to overcome “preconceptions” about her Islamic faith.

Another of her striking aspects is the fact that she is a proud Muslim, a trait that has created difficulties for her in the past – especially after 9/11…

“I said to myself, do I want people to think my family is full of terrorists? Do I want people to view my religion like we’re all terrorists? I wanted to fight back, so that’s one of the main reasons I joined [the Army].”

Her motivation to join the US military stands in stark contrast to the diatribes of Army Maj Nidal Malik Hasan and PFC Naser Abdo, who have said Muslims cannot fight for the US military against fellow Muslims.

She also notes the fairly accepting environment of the US military:

Being female and a Muslim could have been a double-whammy joining the Army, whose population is historically comprised mostly of men and soldiers that believe in some form of Christianity – but surprisingly, the discrimination she experienced in the civilian world was much worse than what she’s experienced as a soldier.

She credits the Army’s emphasis on cultural training for that.

She has heard some comments, though, but recognizes them as “an attack against terrorists,” not Muslims in general.

Sgt Nur’s experience and statements demonstrate the environment of religious freedom in the US military, and run counter to claims of wholesale coercive conversion and persecution against those of non-Christian faith in the military.

Since her story doesn’t fit their narrative, the MRFF’s Rick Baker will probably be along to explain how her statements make her a co-conspirator with the Christians who are trying to take over the world, as he has been wont to do.