West Point Cadets Attend Islamic Prayers for Class

A group of West Point cadets recently bunked at a mosque and attended Islamic prayers as part of an ongoing course called “Winning the Peace.”  The 23 cadets traveled to Jersey City, where they attended religious events associated with Islam, Coptic Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism.

During the visit to Jersey City, the 23 cadets in the class stay overnight at a mosque and attend Islamic prayers. They also go to an Egyptian Coptic Christian church, a synagogue and a Hindu religious service, and sample the foods of the cultures they encounter.

While the article slightly hypes the course, it does note it is in its 8th year.  It was originally discussed here more than 4 years ago.

Exposure to different religious beliefs is an excellent means of expanding cultural understanding.  Of course, both that statement and the field trip itself seem to assume the American stereotype:  That is, it assumes the West Point cadets aren’t Muslims, Jews, Hindus, or Coptic Christians.  Given the minority nature of those faiths, that’s understandable, though in other contexts people would probably be complaining.  After all, the cadets not only observe, they have participated in the religious exercises themselves.

Can you imagine what Michael Weinstein would say if West Point sent its non-“evangelical Christian” cadets on a field trip to hear a mega-church sermon and asked them to stay for the potluck?

Also at the ArmyTimes.