Congressman Introduces Military Religious Freedom Act

US Rep Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) introduced the Military Religious Freedom Act (HR 3828), which aims to prevent chaplains and other troops from being “penalized” for failing to support homosexuals in the military.

It would exempt chaplains from functions that violate their religious principles, prohibit punishment of troops for expressing their religious or moral beliefs about homosexuality, and bar the use of military facilities for same-sex “weddings” or civil unions.

The bill currently has 48 cosponsors and was referred to committee in January.

Via the ADF.


  • This legislation isn’t necessary. Military regulations already protect the religious freedom of chaplains (along with the muscle of endorsing agencies). And though this amendment is ostensibly about religious freedom, it would restrict the religious freedom of Episcopalian, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, United Church of Christ, and other liberal chaplains who believe in same sex “marriage.” It singles them out and says they cannot do services of their faith in military chapels in states that have legal same-sex “marriage.” Hopefully, this will just die in committee.

  • “A military installation or other property owned, rented, or otherwise under the jurisdiction or control of the Department of Defense shall not be used to officiate, solemnize, or perform a marriage or marriage-like ceremony involving anything other than the union of one man with one woman.”

    I think the Fed. Gov’t is simply trying to protect itself against endorsing same-sex marriage. I could see how someone could use a wedding performed by a US Military officer on federal property as precedent for a court case. Feels like the Feds are trying to not get involved and let the states sort it out for themselves.

  • You don’t understand. It is not religious freedom if he doesn’t agree with it! Religious freedom is the freedom to do what HIS god tells you to do. Not what YOUR god tells you to do.

    Allowing a religious group to do something = Tyranny
    Banning them from doing something = Freedom

  • I thought same-sex weddings were already not allowed as long as DOMA is still around. Why pass another bill for the same thing?

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