Second Camp Pendleton Memorial Cross on Hold

The as-yet undecided case of the Camp Pendleton cross, a memorial facing complaints by atheists, has actually impacted a second, unrelated cross.  LCpl Benjamin Whetstone Schmidt was killed in Afghanistan by friendly fire, and members of his platoon had apparently planned to erect a cross on an overlooking hill on Camp Pendleton:

But because of a pending military review of placement of religious symbols, the parents of Lance Cpl. Benjamin Whetstone Schmidt learned when visiting Camp Pendleton, Calif., two weeks ago that a 10-foot cross his buddies made could not be planted on Old Smokey, a mountain with a view of the Pacific Ocean.

The visit two weeks ago apparently included the long-planned trip to the mountain top to erect the cross, “but the base canceled the event.”

A Camp Pendleton spokeswoman confirmed there is a ban on placement of religious symbols until a decision is made on the existing cross and a policy on future memorials.

The article says Old Smokey is a place of reflection that already hosts “several crosses” that are “4-5 feet high.”

Jason Torpy, the man behind the complaints, said the family shouldn’t blame him.

One comment

  • Jason Torpy you are to blame. Stand up take responsiblilty. You filed the complaint. Just drop the complaint and let the families honor their soldiers. If you do not like it then do not look at it. Freedom to die for your country but no freedom to erect a cross. God will prevail. God Almighty will deal with you. God Bless America.