Facebook Marine Expresses Regret

US Marine Sgt Gary Stein, who will be discharged for his Facebook comments about the President, has expressed regret.  While maintaining he’s being used as an example and treated unfairly, he also says he wished he’d phrased things differently: 

In light of the discharge, Stein has admitted that he would have worded his statements on President Obama differently.

“People ask me, ‘Would you go back and change those words?’ I would most definitely,” Stein shared with MSNBC. “I would articulate my point better.”

The ChristianPost notes that “analysts” say he was “warned repeatedly,” and that doomed his case.  To date, that appears to be unsubstantiated.  Sgt Stein has said only that the Marines told him to add a disclaimer when they reviewed his activities two years ago.  In fact, the lack of warning was one of his points of defense.