Update: Air Force Inns and Bibles

Air Force Public Affairs took “strong exception” with the Warner-Robins Patriot’s characterization of the Air Force reaction to the atheist complaint about Bibles in lodging rooms.

Michael Dickerson, Air Force Services Agency spokesman, has taken strong exception to a Tuesday morning story [that] said “Air Force officials have agreed in principle to remove Bibles … following pressure from an atheist group.”

Dickerson emphasized that the Air Force had not made a decision as to the actual removal of Bibles — only the removal of the Bibles from the checklist.

He also noted the Bibles are placed by the Gideons, not the Air Force, and he emphasized the MAAF was told only that the checklist would be modified.  That is in stark contrast to Jason Torpy’s statements:

Air Force Services Operations [sic] has promised to end their Bible requirement…Including a Bible in every room is a[n] [unconstitutional] privilege for Christianity.

Contrary to Torpy’s insinuations, the AFSA has not changed the policy on “including a Bible in every room.”  So, the Air Force hasn’t been won over as much as Torpy implied.  Still, as noted here, it could ultimately have that effect.