Gay Pride Events Held at Military Academies

It isn’t the first time homosexual groups have gathered together to celebrate their…sexuality?…on a military base, but the novelty of their fellowship at US military academies seems to make it newsworthy.  CNN begins it article with factual inaccuracies:

For nearly 17 years, gay and lesbian soldiers were expected to deny their sexuality under threat of dismissal as part of “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

Actually, for “nearly” 200 years, homosexuals were expected not to violate the law by joining the US military.  If they chose to do so in the past 17 years, it was on them not to admit they were serving illegally.

The article notes the formation of an “LGBTQA” group at Norwich University, while at West Point the

club is also called Spectrum and is based on the Coast Guard Academy club. With its approval still pending with the commandant, [West Point Chief of Staff Col Charles] Stafford says cadets would welcome it.

The name change may be intentional.  After all, anyone who is the “T” in LGBT still faces discharge from the US military.

Norwich University was also hosting the Condom Olympics and a Queer Prom.

No word yet on when the first “Heterosexual Pride” event will be held at a US military academy.

One comment

  • Aren’t events like the USAFA Ring Dance effectively heterosexual pride events? Why else would an opposite-sex partner be so intimately involved in cementing the bond between a cadet and the Air Force by putting the class ring on his hand?