Local Church Focuses on Military Ministry

Many churches have areas of intentional “focus.”  Some emphasize foreign missions, others local charity, others discipleship, etc.  Central Baptist Church in Clovis, NM, has made the conscious decision to focus on serving the military.

Central Baptist Church in Clovis is making an effort to serve military members by transitioning into becoming a military-focused church.
Associate Pastor Dick Ross is one of the main members active in making this transition.
“We want to become a military-focused church because we have a large number of military members at our church,” Ross said.

Pastor Ross makes an interesting observation, noting that Christians reach out to “people groups” around the world to reach them for Christ — and the US military is essentially a different “people group.”

Local ministries like this, with an intentional support for the local military community, can make an immense impact on the lives, families, and spiritual resilience of US troops around the world.