US Military Helps Rebuild Afghan Mosque

A rebuilt mosque in Afghanistan is now the “centerpiece of the local government” — with the aid of the US Marines.

Marine Capt. Jesse Hills…was the project manager for the refurbishment. He was responsible for finding out what exactly was needed to repair the mosque: the time and resources needed to complete the refurbishment, figuring out the costs, and awarding the contract to an Afghan company.

This is not the first time the US military has helped build mosques in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It’s been a practice for years.

Michael Weinstein and his Military “Religious Freedom” Foundation remain convinced the US military has a “culture of religious bigotry…fueled by militant, unchecked Christian fundamentalism.”

It’s unclear what kind of bigotry or Christian fundamentalism would be using US government funds, personnel, and resources to build mosques in Islamic countries (while not doing the same for churches there), but Weinstein and his conspiracy-believing cohorts Chris Rodda and Rick Baker probably have a ready reply.