Iraqi Air Force Chief’s Son Graduates USAF Pilot Training

US Air Force Chief of Staff General Norton Schwartz and Iraqi Air Force Commander Staff LtGen Anwer Hamad Amin Ahmad visited Laughlin Air Force Base to see the graduation of LtGen Anwer’s son, Capt Mohammed Hama Ameen, from USAF Undergraduate Pilot Training.

“I am proud of him today because he is new,” said Anwer, who presented Hama his wings. “He is of the new Iraqi group from a new generation who will do his best to play a great role to build his country.”

It seems Capt Hama will be among the first Iraqi F-16 pilots:

As part of this new generation, Hama will transition to Iraq as Laughlin’s first SUPT graduate for the Iraqi Air Force F-16 program.

The article includes the note that 28 students from 9 different countries currently attend UPT at Laughlin.

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