Soldiers Start Bible Study for All

The unit ministry team at Fort Stewart, Georgia, recently started a Bible study to help all soldiers with their spiritual resiliency.

Staff Sgt. Andre L. Gambrell, 4th IBCT chaplain assistant, said he and the chaplain started the event because soldiers within the brigade expressed a desire to increase their spiritual resiliency.

The Bible study will be held over the lunch hour to be convenient for troops’ duty days.  It will give them the opportunity to build their faith and be encouraged seeing others of like faith.

“I’ve been looking around for something to kind of supplement just going to church on Sundays,” Emore said. “It’s…nice to see other Soldiers who are interested in the same thing.”

One comment

  • “For all” or “open to all,” as the article actually reads. And “all,” as the article indicates, means Soldiers, spouses, DA Civilians from any unit on post, including those outside the brigade. It does not presume that “one size fits all” when it comes to spiritual resiliency.