Chaplains, Soldiers, Politicians Gather for Sabbath Retreat

The Aleph Institute sponsored its 5th Annual Military Sabbath Retreat and Training Course in Miami, Florida in February.

Billed as an opportunity “to decompress and be strengthened,” in the words of Rabbi Sanford Dresin, the retreat has become a central event for the Aleph Institute, a Chabad-Lubavitch organization that provides for the physical and spiritual needs of Jewish soldiers and prisoners at home and abroad.

Guests included House Speaker John Boehner, recently retired US Army Chief of Chaplains (MajGen) Douglas Carver, and MajGen Jeffrey Jacobs, the PsyOps center commander at Fort Bragg.

In his speech, Boehner reiterated his support for a strong bilateral relationship between the United States and Israel, and spoke of the importance of strengthening educational institutions.

The group had the opportunity to discuss current military issues “from a Jewish perspective,” and understand how chaplains could be helped in serving a widespread faith set.

“Chaplains are approached to deal with these issues,” explained [Rabbi Shalom] Lipskar. “We need to look at the Talmud and at other classic Jewish sources for guidance on how to approach the challenges people face.”

The group benefited from a fellowship of like-minded faith, taking encouragement from the sense of camaraderie and mentorship.

Better not tell Michael Weinstein.  He was concerned how the Taliban might feel when papers published an article on low-ranking Marines with the gall to get baptized.  Just imagine what Weinstein might claim the Taliban would do if they found out there was such a significant gathering of influential Jewish politicians, General officers, Marines, Soldiers, and pilots in the US military.

Via Jews in Green.