Buddhist Chaplain Candidate Sworn in on Sutra

Zhen Guan, a monk originally from China, was recently sworn in as the US Army’s latest Second Lieutenant and Buddhist chaplain candidate.  He gave his oath with his hand on the Vimalakirti Sutra, which is a Buddhist text.

Guan’s oath was administered by Chaplain (1Lt) Christopher Mohr, a recent graduate of the same Buddhist school, and was observed by three other Buddhist chaplain candidates.

Despite the highlight of no Air Force Buddhist chaplain, it would seem Buddhists are having little trouble recruiting religious leaders for military service.

Via the Buddhist Military Sangha.


  • Christopher Mohr

    Yes, I am the Chaplain Mohr mentioned in the article. We’d have a Buddhist chaplain in the Air Force if they had a billet for one (yes, we have had people inquire about it). Good reporting.

  • The Enemy Below*

    so??Why shouldn’t those who follow the teachings of Guatama The Buddha
    be allowed to have a chaplain to serve their spiritual needs??
    And exactly how is that affecting Christianity in the USAF??
    Is there some law that says that only Christians should be allowed to fire
    MX Missiles at a target 5000 miles away??

    Is there some law that says only Christians can be able to fly the F15/16/22/35
    or the B1;B2 or the old standby the BUFF*(*B52)??
    You know,maybe if you’d be nicer to your fellow man six days a week,you wouldn’t need to go to church on Sunday and ask God for forgiveness!!

    “You B-stard!!”.
    “Yes Sir.In my case,an accident at birth.
    You sir are a self made man.”-Ralph Bellamy,Lee Marvin:”The Proffessionals”.

  • @The Enemy Below*
    If you took the time to read a little rather than spouting off based on your preconceived notions and stereotypes, you might have avoided looking foolish.

    Religious freedom is a good thing.