Senate Testimony on Terrorist Threat from Within

Last week, Pentagon leadership gave testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee on their Annual Threat Assessment. A surprising, if somewhat understated, highlight was the pronouncement of a “growing concern” of terrorist threats from within the US intelligence and military communities:

Senior US military and intelligence officials are warning of their growing concern that rogue “radical” elements are operating – or preparing to operate – “within the ranks” of the intelligence community and armed forces.

Ultimately, this should be of little surprise, as four members of the US military have participated in or planned terrorist attacks against the military in which they served.

While the officials’ assessments did not specify an ideology, DIA Director LtGen Ronald Burgess

warned of those who have become “self-radicalized,” as well as “lone wolves,” particularly “within our ranks.”

Those who have done so to date have all seemingly been motivated by their Islamic faith. The only other security threat of import in the immediate past has been that of accused WikiLeaker PFC Bradley Manning, who isn’t Islamic, but is apparently using a sexuality defense.