Mikey Weinstein’s Friends and Allies in Military High Places, Part 2

Despite his claims the US military is overrun by Christians trying to take over the world, Michael Weinstein seems to have more public allies in military leadership positions than he has public enemies. In addition, Michael Weinstein seems to have some very well-placed friends in the US military, despite his claims he is a David fighting an institutional Goliath.

Weinstein’s “close personal…relationship” with an Air Force base’s commanding general has already been discussed.  It turns out Weinstein is also miraculously able to discern the private content of an Air Force Colonel’s non-releasable records

In one of the more blatant examples of Weinstein’s unique access to the ranks of military leadership, Weinstein’s lawyers recently accused the Dean of the US Air Force Academy, BrigGen Dana Born, of lying under oath. Their “evidence” is purportedly a performance feedback form for Colonel Thomas Drohan, which they don’t seem to have in their possession — but they know is in his.

For those who don’t realize it, “performance feedbacks” are normally only known between two people — the rater and the person being rated. They also aren’t releasable due to privacy concerns. Still, Weinstein somehow came to know the precise verbiage of a “random” officer’s private paperwork.

To be continued