Deployed American Troops Produce Video for “It Gets Better”

The Stars and Stripes notes some deployed American troops filmed a short video under the auspices of OutServe, a homosexual advocacy group, for the “It Gets Better” project,

an initiative created to show young gay and transgender individuals the happiness and potential that awaits them if they can make it through their tumultuous teen years.

The Stripes article was written at the end of January, shortly after the video was posted to YouTube.  There has been little public reaction to the publication.  (As a point of clarification, “transgender” individuals are still banned from military service.)

The video begs an interesting question:  What would the reaction be if uniformed, deployed (and armed) servicemembers posted a YouTube video on behalf of their non-Federal entity extolling the religious values in opposition to homosexuality?

For another perspective, consider that one of the MRFF’s primary lines of attack through its researcher, Chris Rodda, has been the “endorsement of non-Federal entities” by Christians expressing their religious beliefs in uniform.  Moreover, Michael Weinstein and his clique have claimed the simple knowledge that baptized US Marines were being deployed to Afghanistan is propaganda for American adversaries, even though Christians are held in some respect by those of the Islamic faith — even the Taliban (so long as you don’t convert from Islam first).

Being homosexual under the Taliban, however, was a capital crime.