Christians Rocked Beyond Belief, in 1990

In 2010 some reacted with consternation after reports Christians had been to the circle claimed by pagans at the US Air Force Academy.  As noted at the time, they failed to acknowledge the area known as the “LZ” had been used for Christian gatherings of one sort or another for some years before the pagans laid claim to the clearing.

It turns out Rock Beyond Belief — the name of the atheist counter-Christian event being held at Fort Bragg — has a Christian history, as well.  The Christian music group Petra, named after the Greek word for “rock,” was one of the pioneering groups in the Christian music genre.

In 1990 they produced an album called Petra: Beyond Belief. As if predicting an association with the military, the album cover was graced by a photograph of an Air National Guard C-130.

The title track, Beyond Belief, is a call to Christians to do more than just “believe.”

Watch the video and see lyrics below the fold.

With credit to Barb for the point out.

There’s a higher place to go
Beyond belief, beyond belief
Where we reach the next plateau
Beyond belief, beyond belief

And from faith to faith we grow
Towards the center of the flow
Where He beckons us to go
Beyond belief, beyond belief

Leap of faith without a net
Makes us want to hitch our bed
Waters never part
Until our feet get wet, whoa, whoa

There’s a deeper place to go
Where the road seems hard to hoe
He who has begun this work
Won’t let it go (let it go)


  • Just a note. The Pagans at the Air Force Academy asked to have an outdoor worship space. The Air Force brass, not the Pagans, made the decision as to where that site would be. All religions were welcome to still use the site, all religions. But someone was not gracious and likely had religious issues with this and put a rather large cross there. I am sure that it would have upset any Christian if a Pagan pentacle that was 4 feet high was placed on one of the churches at the Academy. That would not happen as we Pagans in the military try to tolerate and educate then create harmonious religious dialogue with those who do not understand us. And do not lump us with Satanists or Athiests, we don’t believe in the Christian devil but we are very much intuned with the concept that there is a higher spiritual power. We just look at it from a balanced male and female aspect. If you have gripes with Athiests, direct the issue at them, not us. Thank you

  • When “Air Force brass” made the decision as to where the site would be, they didn’t tell anyone. No one knew the LZ had become a Pagan worship space. Which is probably the reason Christians who had been using the site put the cross there.