Ross Perot to Keynote USAFA Character Symposium

The 2012 National Character and Leadership Symposium at the US Air Force Academy will be held from 22 to 24 February.  Ross Perot will be the keynote speaker.

Other speakers will come from a variety of backgrounds and careers, including a Medal of Honor recipient and

  • Retired Brigadier General Dick Abel, former President of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and former Executive Director of the Military Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ who speaks on moral leadership.
  • Dr. Helen Fisher, most famously known for her “love research,” though she has also researched personalities, which relate to leadership interaction.
  • Will Gunn, who will discuss the ethical challenges he faced as the legal defender of Guantanamo detainees.
  • Qamar-ul Huda, from the Religion and Peacemaking Center and a scholar of Islam at U.S. Institute of Peace. His area of expertise is Islamic theology, intellectual history, ethics, comparative ethics, the language of violence, conflict resolution and non-violence in contemporary Islam.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Linell Letendre, speaking on the possibility of ethical conflict between professional duties and moral beliefs in the face of DADT Repeal.

In a bit of trivia, Michael Weinstein (an NCLS speaker himself in 2010) proudly notes his employment under Ross Perot in his biography. (Interestingly, Weinstein neglects to mention his short-lived stint at, or his awkward departure from, Electrosource, a Texas-based battery manufacturer.)


  • Oh, and by the way, for anyone else reading JD’s attempt at raising suspicions over Mikey’s work history by calling his leaving a company he worked at 17 years ago an “awkward departure,” that was nothing more that a business venture he got involved in that didn’t work out, through no fault of his. JD is just employing his usual tactic of implying there was something suspicious about this by using the word “interestingly” and calling it an “awkward departure.”

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  • Why so much anger and bitterness Chris? The stressful fight against the illusive and deceitful Dominionist Conspiracy is getting to you? Socialist/secular-humanist emptiness?

    Here Chris:

    Find the Absolute Truth, find some purpose in your life.

  • Don’t worry, Andrew B., my life has plenty of purpose, and I would say that JD’s the one who’s angry and bitter. Why else would he spend so much time attacking others? And if your “Absolute Truth” is what turns people like JD into obsessed liars, it certainly doesn’t sound like a good thing.

  • What’s the matter JD? Why do you keep deleting my one particular comment?

  • “JD’s the one who’s angry and bitter. Why else would he spend so much time attacking others? And if your “Absolute Truth” is what turns people like JD into obsessed liars”

    Accuse the enemy of doing what you are guilty of.