General Boykin Withdraws from West Point Prayer Breakfast

The Associated Press reported a West Point press release indicating General Jerry Boykin had withdrawn from the upcoming West Point National Prayer Breakfast:

Late Monday afternoon, West Point issued a brief statement saying Boykin had decided to withdraw speaking at the Feb. 8 event and that another speaker would be lined up in his place.

The choice of Boykin to speak at the event was criticized by several groups because of his prior statements about Islam:

CAIR also asked West Point officials to retract Boykin’s invitation

“It gives Islamophobes a platform at the nation’s most prestigious military academy. And I doubt that they would invite a KKK speaker and claim that they want to expose the students to a variety of opinions,” said CAIR national executive director Nihad Awad.

Awad’s jump to the KKK belies the fact neither his group nor any other have demanded that other speakers of likewise controversial opinions be prevented from speaking to military audiences.

Michael Weinstein has already claimed credit for the “victory,” though he was late to the party in this “manufactured” controversy.

The articles also note General Boykin recently gave an address to a similar audience; the event was non-controversial, with Boykin focusing on prayer and not mentioning Islam.

A West Point cadet is quoted in the New York Times questioning the invitation of someone who has previously criticized beliefs held by members of the military:

“They’re inviting someone who’s openly criticizing a religion that is practiced on campus,” he said. “I know Muslim cadets here, and they are great, outstanding citizens, and this ex-general is saying they shouldn’t enjoy the same rights.”

Seems like there was recently another story about someone being invited to a voluntary meeting at a military base who openly criticized religion practiced on the facility.

Think the logic will flow to other military-associated events?

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