Book: Christian Fighter Pilots Illegally Defend Israel

In a move that will likely cause Michael Weinstein, Richard Baker, Leah Burton and other conspiracy theorists to have heart palpitations, author Mark Andrews has released an eBook entitled Sword of the Covenant.

The premise:  The US “lacks the political will” to help prevent the annihilation of Israel by Iran, so two top Pentagon officials try to convince USAF fighter pilots in Turkey and US Navy fighter pilots on a gulf-based aircraft carrier — all evangelical Christians — to launch a rogue mission in its defense.

For the record, the author has this question in his FAQ:

Are you advocating that U.S. military aviators violate orders to undertake unauthorized airstrikes in defense of Israel should the opportunity present itself?
Absolutely NOT! As the book makes clear, military officers have an obligation to follow the lawful orders of their superiors. In addition, the Bible (1 Peter 2:13-14) says Christians are subject to the civilian authorities God has placed over them. These requirements should not be countermanded except in the case of a clear and direct word from God.

That probably won’t stop some supporters of Michael Weinstein’s MRFF from claiming the eBook contains encoded transmissions and subliminal messages intended to initiate Armageddon for the purpose of bringing militant Christians to power over the world.

That’s ridiculous, of course.  The encoded version was delayed to the paperback release.

One comment

  • Michael Weinstein and fellow travelers are going to have a cow when they realize there are Christians in America willing to defend Israel against all enemies. Oops let the cat out of the bag.