Air Force Yet to Replace Pulled Nuke Training

The Air Force Times notes the US Air Force has yet to replace the introductory ethics course taught to ICBM officers that was pulled late last summer.  The Air Force withdrew the course “for review” after the MRFF complained about content mentioning Christian beliefs.  The Air Force had previously stated it could reinstate the course, replace it, or simply delete it.

On a related point, there has been no public release to Senator Cornyn’s request for the Air Force to explain its actions, either.

As noted previously, the MRFF’s Chris Rodda took issue with the Senator’s words defending the Constitution.

One comment

  • The training material for the old ethics briefing is just that “old.” There is no such thing as a “Just War” wrt Nukes…they will annihilate hundreds of thousands maybe millions of people not necessarily “in-the-fight” just because they are close by…like countries that don’t even have nukes. Maybe the AF is rethinking the whole thing, thats why they haven’t answerd the Senator.

    To say the super powers would be justified EVER in using them despite the rest of world is ridiculous.