Air Force Endorses New England Patriots over Ravens

A C-5 Galaxy — the US Air Force’s largest cargo aircraft — from Westover Air Reserve Base, Massachusetts, performed a flyby of Gillette Stadium at the conclusion of the National Anthem on Sunday.  The ceremony opened the NFL Patriots-Ravens football game.

Inscribed along the bottom of the aircraft, visible from the stands, was an emblem and “Go Pats!”  The Patriots went on to win.

You never know, fighter aircraft flybys may have similar endorsements on their lower wings or fuselages… 

…but they’re going so fast, no one can tell.

This C-5 crew was hardly the first to partake in the light-hearted and harmless tradition.  Another common phrase seen on the bottom of flyby aircraft is “Hi Mom,” particularly on aircraft participating in Parent’s Weekend at the US Air Force Academy.

The flyby (and writing) are visible in the videos of the event, which are actually focused on Steve Tyler’s rendition of the anthem.  If you watch closely, you can see Tyler catch the C-5 out of the corner of his eye as he finishes the anthem.