Michael Weinstein Equates Himself with Racist, Sexist

Quick to level hate-filled vitriol against his critics and those with whom he disagrees, opponent of religious freedom in the military Michael Weinstein finally caught a unique target in his most recent diatribe: himself.  Weinstein recently opined:

When you tell somebody in the US military that they lack intelligence, character, integrity, trustworthiness, honor, honorability, and courage because of their chosen religious faith or lack thereof…there’s no difference between that and telling someone that they’re innately stupid because of the color of their skin, or because they have a vagina, because they’re a female.

He may have forgotten that Michael Weinstein has implied “fundamentalist Christians” in the US military lack integrity, character, etc., etc., not because of any behavior on their part, but simply “because of their chosen religious faith.”

In fact, he’s said “fundamentalist Christians” — based on his analysis of their beliefs — are so untrustworthy within the military they’re actively planning a nuclear war to achieve some theological purpose.  (Weinstein has said Christians are also planning a holocaust against American Jews, though its unclear whether these two conspiracies are parallel or serial.)

According to his quote above, these assertions on his part are ‘no different’ from calling someone stupid because of race or gender.

It seems Weinstein has equated himself with a racist or sexist (or misogynist, Weinstein’s preferred term).

Michael Weinstein once pledged to leave “sucking chest wounds” in his war against an “evangelical coup” in America.  It seems this time he shot himself.  In the foot.

Well done.