F-15 WSO Ejected over Libya. Called Dad.

CNN has the “exclusive” interview with the two-man crew of the F-15E Strike Eagle that went down in Libya (for technical reasons).  The pilot, Maj. Kenneth Harney, evaded and was rescued by US Marines.  The backseat WSO, Capt. Tyler Stark, was ‘captured’ by ‘friendly’ Libyan rebels and repatriated.

Once in the custody of the Libyan rebels, Stark couldn’t figure out how to contact friendly forces for a rescue.  So he used a cell phone to call his dad.

with the stress Stark couldn’t remember the number to call in the UK for rescue, so, he called his father, from Libya.

“In the age of cell phones, whose number do you know off the top of your head? Well, your parents. So I called him up, spoke with my dad and said, ‘Hey, I need you to make a call for me.'”

Stark was sheltered by the friendly Libyans until an Italian boat came and picked him up.

In a pinch, it seems that’ll do it.