Sikh Doctor Serves from Love of Country

A local article notes the service of Maj. Kamal Kalsi, a US Army doctor granted an exception to policy to allow the wear of a Sikh turban, beard, and other items specific to their faith.

He is one of three Sikh soldiers serving in the U.S. Army, and the only one at Fort Bragg.

Kalsi says he serves because of his love for the United States; his favorite holiday is even July 4th.

Despite the uniqueness of his faith in the Army, he says his similarities with his fellow Soldiers have “outweighed his differences:”¬†

“I’m just one of the guys here. When they see me, I’m not the dude with the turban,” said Kalsi, whose headgear and unshorn hair are allowed because they are articles of his religion. “I’m just another one of the ER docs doing his job.”

Kalsi has previously discussed his acceptance within the US Army.

Though few Sikhs serve due to restrictions on the wear of the articles of their faith, Kalsi’s service without discrimination is an indicator of the respect for religion within the US military, both by the institution and the individual men and women who serve.