Fort Hood Suspect Planned Execution at Fort Campbell

PFC Naser Abdo has a new lawyer after stating he disagreed with the defense strategy of his prior court-appointed counsel.

Attorney Keith Dorsett told U.S. District Judge Walter Smith during a brief hearing in Waco that his client had been uncooperative.

His trial is scheduled to begin at the end of January.

In a recent phone interview, Abdo also reportedly admitted to planning an attack on Fort Campbell, where he was originally stationed before going AWOL.

“Yes, Ms. Gordon, I planned an attack at Fort Campbell,” said Abdo in a phone interview from jail…

“On July 4, I was going to kidnap and video tape the execution of a high ranking member of my chain of command, who participated in the Afghan mission,” said Abdo.

He said he abandoned his plans when Fort Campbell officials found out he was visiting gun stores.  He went AWOL to Fort Hood because of the massacre that occurred there in 2009.  US Army Maj Nidal Malik Hasan is charged in that attack.

Abdo also said he tried to recruit two others “for jihad,” but the cops arrived a few minutes later.  He has since pledged allegiance with Hasan.

“I felt like the only way to freedom or justice was martyrdom,” said Abdo.