Chaplain in Afghanistan Lives a Hollywood Movie Script

The Baptist Press says US Air Force Chaplain (Capt) Kevin Humphrey’s report back to his sending agency

reads like the script of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Chaplain Humphrey is currently deployed to Kandahar and has been nearly constantly busy with rocket attacks, attending to the wounded, and serving the spiritual needs of all on the base, including US, British, Canadian, Pakistani, and others.

With challenges come opportunities: 

“I spoke with one man who couldn’t understand why he was not in [an attacked] building at the time and didn’t die. I shared that God says in Hebrews we are appointed once to die and that our day of death has been fixed by God, and that God has a plan and purpose for our lives. While he is not yet a Christian, he is now seeking God for the first time in his life.”

He conducts seven services a week:

Eight people accepted Christ in the first service Humphrey preached recently, followed by 15 in the second service and three in the third.

In a unique story, Chaplain Humphrey relates his interaction with the chaplains of other nations as they shared with each other the spiritual state of their home countries:

He met with Canadian, British, Dutch, Australian and other American chaplains [and they] discussed the state of spirituality back in their home countries…

Taking turns, each chaplain –- with sadness in their hearts and voices -– began describing the deteriorating spiritual state of affairs back home, regardless of their nationality.

“The Dutch chaplain spoke of being in a post-Christian society. He described Dutch people who didn’t even know who Jesus is. Each chaplain gave a similarly negative report from his own nation.”

The chaplains now meet regularly to pray not only for their current ministries, but also their individual nations.

Chaplain Humphrey was recently named a recipient of the National Bible Association‘s Witherspoon Award.  Named for Maurice Witherspoon, a chaplain who served in both World Wars, the award

recognizes [military] chaplains who “promote Bible reading in a very creative, unique and effective way and whose actions and day-to-day activities encourage others to read, study and apply the Bible’s principles to their lives.”