US Army Chief of Chaplains on Serving, Under Fire

Belying the freshly minted atheist proposition, US Army Chief of Chaplains (MajGen) Donald Rutherford says chaplains are serving on the frontlines with servicemember from the battlefields of Iraq to Afghanistan and beyond.  They

are out there in the field with [soldiers] day in and day out…

Chaplain Rutherford was under fire himself once, and noted chaplains serve alongside soldiers being shot at.  As CNN previously noted, the bullets are no less real because they are unarmed, and just like the soldier standing next to them, they risk their lives in the process:

“Chaplains go forward on the battlefield and they are getting shot at, without weapons,” Father Rutherford said, explaining that as noncombatants, chaplains are unarmed but “are well protected…We always have a chaplain assistant with us.”

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