Top 2011 Articles: Happy New Year from

Have a productive and joyful 2012.

The Top 10 articles from God and Country in 2011:

  1. Fort Carson Supports Native American Spiritualism
  2. “Terror Plot” Soldier Naser Abdo Defiant, Weinstein Equivocates
  3. MRFF Petition Garners Signatures for White House
  4. US Army Private Naser Abdo Arrested in Terror Plot
  5. DADT: House Defense Bill, Colonels Punished, Lawsuit and More
  6. Finding a Church, Part 1: The Military Chapel
  7. Atheists Stretch for Something to be Offended By
  8. Navy Blue Angels Commander Resigns over Incident
  9. Women in the Military: Statistics, and the First Female JFACC
  10. Defense Department Highlights Member-Designated Benefits

While those were the top 10 current events articles in 2011, they were not the top-visited pages on the site.  As noted many times before, serves a diverse audience.  The two most frequently accessed pages were the Fighter Pilot FAQ and Fighter Pilot Speak.

As with more recent years, issues of religion and the military are less common on “top ten” lists this year than they were several years ago (with the notable exception of the international merging of military and religion, the Arab Spring):  ChristianityToday, The Associated Press, Stars and Stripes, Baptist Press, and the Baptist Joint Committee.

The Religion Clause did note the controversies over DOMA and homosexual marriage, which included the issue of military Chaplains, as its number one story, with crosses in public as number two (though it didn’t mention Camp Pendleton).