Chaplains Applaud Travis AFB Nativity, Menorah Defense

The Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, led by Chaplain (Col, USA, Ret) Ron Crews, “commended” the Air Force for its decision to allow the nativity and Menorah to stand, despite complaints and threats from Michael Weinstein.

“Our military personnel should not be coerced to abandon their religious heritage simply to appease someone’s political agenda,” said CH (COL) Ron Crews…

Chaplain Crews noted that Weinstein seems to have an unusual access to military leadership for a one-man ‘non-profit’ and called for a Congressional investigation:

We are concerned at the apparent open access Mikey Weinstein has to senior Pentagon leaders and call for Congress to investigate his relationship, particularly to Air Force officials.

Michael Weinstein and his MRFF have a history of attacks on religious freedom in the US military, particularly when members of the military are not the “right kind” of Christian approved by him.  Chaplain Crews pledged to stand against those attacks:

“Someone must confront the assault by Mr. Weinstein on our constitutionally guaranteed religious liberties,” said Crews. “The Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty will take that stand.”

The “holiday displays” at Travis are scheduled to come down in early January.

The atheist display that just went up reportedly had a “God loves you” paper temporarily taped over the central “flying spaghetti monster.”  Vandalism is uncalled for under any circumstances.  It highlights the uniqueness of the atheist display, however:  Of the two-dozen holiday displays, only the atheist one mocks the beliefs of the others.