Weinstein Continues Protest of Travis AFB Nativity, Menorah

Michael Weinstein’s lawyers wrote a response to the Travis AFB decision to allow the nativity and Menorah to remain where they are.  The letter, dated 19 December, demands a response the same day. Otherwise, the content is little different from their initial error-filled complaint.

Still, the letter closed with this ominous threat:

If this request is not honored by the close of business on Monday, December 19, 2011, we also demand a meaningful response to all of the issues presented by our letters, including our request to move the religious symbols to the chapel grounds, by the close of business on December 19, 2011 so that we may consider other options in a timely fashion.

The rambling, incoherent threat besmirches the “prestigious” reputation of Jones Day yet again.  Weinstein should hire a lawyer who proofreads, though one who correctly understands Constitutional law would do.


  • the funny thing is that the nativity was actually put out AFTER the menorah…and after probably 21 other secular squadron displays. It wasn’t put out until the day of the tree lighting. The menorah was out there for probably a week prior. The cards were out there for probably 3-5 days before.

    on a side note…I seriously doubt that “120” people complained. Another Mikey lie. I bet he has trouble with even getting 1 military person to sign onto that lawsuit.

  • and every card put up prior to the cutoff got lighting. period.

  • @Frank

    seriously doubt that “120″ people complained…

    The normal pattern is to receive an email from one person, then send it out to a distribution list and see who else among your supporters agrees with you. Presto, more complaints.

    It’s hard to get 100 people together on an Air Force base to agree on anything, and surprisingly few people within the military even know about Weinstein, outside of certain niche groups. So for him to have been proactively contacted by that many people is physically possible, but statistically unlikely.

    But since Weinstein doesn’t provide proof of his numbers, he can apparently claim whatever he wants…

  • I think they are making a stink over the “equal lighting” now. The issue is that the squadron cards were supposed to be out by 21 Nov in order to get any lighting at all. The base has bent over backwards accomodating the display by the Athiests. I wish they’d taken the high road and chose not to mock all faiths with their FSM.