Military Atheist Jason Torpy Calls for Tebowing Reprimand

Jason Torpy of the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers picked up last month’s post on Tebowing, even plagiarizing text from in the process.  He reached a different conclusion, however:

Tebowing with Afghan kids is clearly an evangelical activity that must be pulled from the site with reprimands for the troop involved.  The NFL game is misappropriation of government resources — and any Marine will tell you his body is a government resource. 

First of all, a private website, so there is no governmental authority to enforce “pull[ing] [anything] from the site.”

Second, Torpy is really going to say “Tebowing” is an “evangelical activity” with a straight face?  He probably thinks the Bonfire Brewing Tebrew beer is an official communion drink.  And how Marines “Tebowing” at an NFL game is “misappropriation” is anyone’s guess.

Fortunately, even Torpy’s fellow atheists called him out.  Just one example (of many):

“Tebowing” isn’t exactly a religious activity…I don’t see it as more than taking part in a popular internet meme.  To take it to the level where you’re saying “clearly, they’re being told to praise jesus” or whatever, is taking things to a bizarrely self-serious level…

I’m a pretty militant atheist, and an absurdly anti-Tebow individual. But good god is this post a waste of time.

Torpy obviously misinterpreted the recent public response to the Camp Pendleton cross “scandal” as a validation of his invective, and he’s trying to make use of that capital.

It seems he misperceived his own level of self-importance.