US Secretary of State Says Homosexuality Trumps Religion

Several news sources reported the US government position that “gay rights are human rights” and the “obstacles” in the way of homosexual “rights” are based on “religious beliefs.”

[US Secretary of State Hillary] Clinton noted that among the challenges facing LGBT people is “when people cite religious or cultural values as a reason to violate or not to protect the human rights of LGBT citizens…”

Secretary Clinton said 

This holds true for inflicting violence on LGBT people, criminalizing their status or behavior, expelling them from their families and communities, or tacitly or explicitly accepting their killing.

With the exception of “behavior” there would likely be little disagreement among many “religious” people in the United States about Clinton’s list.  Despite Clinton’s statements these were “rights that people always had, [not] new or special rights,” sexual behavior has not historically been regarded as a human right or liberty.  In fact, it has long been “regulated” by either legislation or social mores.

The implications of such a new “right” may be significant.

Simultaneously with their statement that “gay rights are human rights,” Clinton and President Obama both say they oppose what homosexuals call their “right” to marry.

Also at the Religion Clause.

One comment

  • People have been warning for decades. It’s not about “equality”, it’s about control and the use of homosexuality as a weapon.