Memorial Crosses as US Military Tradition

Some in American society today seem to think resurgent zealots are trying to push Christianity on society through their use of crosses, even within the US military.

Facts, however, show the long tradition of use of crosses as military memorials.

THIS SIMPLE CROSS WAS ERECTED at the western tip of Betio as a monument in memory of the 2nd Division Marines who were killed in the battle for Tarawa.

Crosses have been raised on the Pacific island of Tarawa, the hills of Arlington (twice), the deserts of California, and the hills of San Diego, among many other places.

Contrary to internet tropes, no Christian believes raising a cross memorial wins converts.  Erecting a cross does not establish a religion nor favor one.  A cross on federal land, in and of itself, does not violate the US Constitution.

It does cause us to pause and remember “our honored dead.”

Religious freedom is not assured by tearing those memorials down nor by prohibiting them from going up.  Just because someone is offended by the sight of a cross — regardless of its purpose — does not grant them a heckler’s veto to another person’s expression or exercise.