Former Navy Chaplain Klingenschmitt Sues for Reinstatement

Former US Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt has filed a suit in the US Court of Federal Claims seeking reinstatement and back pay or access to retirement.

Klingenschmitt was discharged in 2007 after a controversial couple of years largely revolving around his insistence on ending prayers “in Jesus’ name.”  He has been filing appeals ever since.

Notably, Klingenschmitt’s timeline in the filing indicates he was never without an ecclesiastical endorsement, which was publicly the basis for his administrative separation from the Navy.  (Chaplains are required to have such an endorsement and are discharged if they do not retain one.)

Klingenschmitt is currently a defendant as well , as he is being sued by Michael and Bonnie Weinstein over his “imprecatory prayers” (Weinstein v Ammerman).  That case isn’t scheduled to be heard until April 2012.

Via the Religion Clause.


  • Ah yes. Gordon wants re-instatement. He should have thought about that before he disgraced himself and his uniform by disobeying military and civil law concerning overdoing his his dominionist Christian beliefs while a Chaplain in the Navy.

    Gordy’s head got a little too big and he attempted to bring the full power of God against his nemesis, Mikey Weinstein of MRFF, whom I think was instrumental in helping get Gordy the boot.

    No matter. Klingenschmidt, with all the pomp of one chosen by God to dominate the world and all of us who crawl around on it’s surface and beneath the sea, scared the bejesus out of Mikey and his family by turning Bible verrse into Bible curse by reciting and publishing a number of imprecatory prayers, (see Psalm 109) designed to kill Mikey and family and destroy all traces of them. Not exactly a Godly endeavor, but the vengeance of sociopath Gordon Klingenschmitt is certainly something to behold. Mikey wasn’t scared that God was going to get him but felt that Gordon was pissed enough to not wait for God, and do the dirty on Mikey himself, along with few of his Dominionist entourage.

    Dominion Christianity is what was behind the Christian Crusades, Inquistitions, Genocides, Pogroms, Witch Hunts and Papal Wars and is what’s driving coercive and often illegal Christian proselytizing in the military and public school system today.

    Dominion Christians give the good Christians a black eye and often treat them as badly as they do non-Christians. Dominionists are a rough crowd and don’t put up with those who are not completely obedient to their revised brand of Uber-Christianity.

    At the center of Dominionist dogma is the conversion of world populations to Christianity to facilitate the return of Jesus Christ with those who do not cooperate being cast into the “Lake of Fire.”

    I am hoping Gordy doesn’t get re-instated and instead finds a nice monastery somewhere where he can order novitiates around.

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