USAFA to Host Homosexual Advocacy Group

The Associated Press notes the Blue Alliance, a “gay and lesbian alumni group” of “almost 100” US Air Force Academy graduates, will host a tailgate party at the Air Force-Army football game next month.  They will also have their annual dinner on the USAFA campus.  Despite their small size, they will have some interesting guests: 

The Blue Alliance’s annual dinner, which takes place on campus after the game, is drawing some high-ranking academy officials, including the dean of faculty, Gen. Dana Born, an academy spokesman confirmed Tuesday.

Also planning to attend is Adis Vila, the school’s chief diversity officer.

It will be interesting to see how Michael Weinstein responds to the presence of USAFA’s Dean, General Born, at the homosexual advocate’s dinner, given his opposition to the leadership at USAFA in general, but over issues of Christianity in particular.  Weinstein has called for Born’s ouster over last year’s “Gamble report,” and MRFF “client” and former USAFA instructor R. David Mullin accused his then-boss General Born of a “long history of religious bigotry.”

Of course, a good conspiracy theorist will not only be able to rationalize away such contradictory information (as “token,” perhaps), he may even claim its further proof of an attempt to obfuscate the actual objective of establishing a theocracy at USAFA and taking over the world.


  • Hey, where is the Straight Alumni Group?

  • Maybe Gen Born and Adis Vila are gay and/or lesbian alumni themselves…it is possible, isn’t it?

  • @watchtower
    If General Born was homosexual, her retired Marine husband might be surprised, and Weinstein’s head would probably implode. Dr. Vila isn’t an alumnus, and her bio is somewhat silent on the topic of family.

  • I don’t think Gen. Born is Gay. I think she has taken so much heat for being a Dominion Christian and allowing our young cadets to be coercively proselytized by Extremist Christian Organizations, faculty and chain of command that she now has to take a position which is at least neutral, if not accepting on the Gay issue so as not to be seen as a bigot.

    We all know though, that the good general, under former prevailing prejudice, would have discharged, for cause, every Gay cadet she could lay her hands on.

  • @Lt Frank
    Wouldn’t that be all of the rest of the alumni?

  • Yep, but let’s call it the Straight Ulumni Group and let them promote Straight cadets and all they offer. Diversity is a wonderful thing!